Breakfinder with 10 ft. Repair Kit
Breakfinder with 10 ft. Repair Kit
break finder
break finder
break finder
1 battery
splice kit

Wire Locator Break Finder

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Wire Locator and Breakfinder for Underground Dog Fences

Wire Locator and Break Finder How-To Guide

Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Pet Safe®, Innotek®, Dog Guard®, Perimeter Technologies®, Pet Stop®, SportDog®, Innotek, DogTeck®, etc…

Save money!  Buy a simple professional break finder & wire locator! Pay for this with what you could say with one service call on your Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Pet Safe®, Innotek®, Dog Guard®, Perimeter Technologies®, Pet Stop®, SportDog®, Innotek, DogTeck®, or other dog fence service provider!

Simple & Easy to Use

** Find wire breaks in your pet fence**

**Locate & Trace Pet Fence Wire lines before you dig **

**Locate & Trace Cable & Phone Lines before you dig**

This wire locator & break finder is designed to locate the path of non-energized wires behind walls and under the ground. This unit is capable of locating a specific circuit breaker, pinpointing wires beforer dirilling and veryifying dig sites underground.  This device is effective up to 3 feet deep and up to 1000 feet in length.

This unit comes with a nylon toolkit (complete with metal ring to hang next to your pet fence transmitter), the receiver with tracking antenna attached, transmitter with alligator clips connected, and ear phones.

Several Kits Available:

Breakfinder Only – Comes with your Transmitter & Receiver, includes batteries 

Breakfinder & 10 Ft Repair kit – Includes your Breakfinder and 10 ft. wire repair kit (16 awg 45 mil jacket professional grade wire, 2 splices), and batteries

Breakfinder Contractor Pack – Includes your Breakfinder, 100 ft of professional grade wire, 10 splices, and batteries

Operates using one 9 volt battery in each (transmitter & receiver).  2 – 9volt batteries Included with purchase.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Having been in the pet containment business for over 15 years I have been through my fair share of break finders. Up to now the only way to get a decent break finder was to pay hundreds of dollars for it. This little unit cost less then most company’s charge for just one service call. I am very happy with this product.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Your product worked wonderful. We have 2 acre property that we recently bought that already had the invisible fence installed however the box was telling us there was a break. It took my husband approximately 5 hours to fix the several breaks he found but now the entire system is up and working!! Saved us BIG bucks if we would have had invisible fence come out.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Only problem is that there are no instructions for how to really test an invisible fence. They make a lot of assumptions. You have to test both leads of the fence to find breaks. Once I realized that it worked great.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I could not find the manual at first. So I attempted to use the device without the manual. Heck, the device was so easy to use I didn’t even need a book. Found my break about 100′ away in less than 10 minutes. BTW, I did find the manual after I fixed my break. Great deal and good product. I’m a happy camper. I did order some more splices from you though and they’re on their way according to an email message. Thanks again.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I previously purchased a wire break kit for less money, the type that uses an AM radio to find the break. Well that type might work fine out in the country somewhere but in a suburban/urban area with 10,000 am radio stations I could never find a clear channel thus making it very difficult, or in my case impossible to detect the break. So now I purchased the Wire Locator Break Finder from Outdoor Dog Supply it work great the very first time. It was easy to use and accurate.
    Thanks Outdoor Dog Supply.

  6. 5 out of 5

    The town installed a new sidewalk on our street and ripped up the existing invisible fence that we hadn’t used in a while as our dog passed away several years ago. We’re getting a puppy and won’t use the fence till spring but not wanting to try and find the fence through snow/ice/mud etc., I bought this break finder to help me find the breaks. I hooked the transmitter in and walked the intact part of the fence line. The receiver found each and every break. Not only that but I only had to use a little hand shovel as the finder got me directly over each break in the wire. The key is to let the receiver swing back and forth over the wire and notice where the NULL in the sound occurs. The NULL is directly over the wire. When there is a break, the overall tone decreases and the NULL disappears. Just back up till you hear the NULL again and then go forward slowly till the NULL disappears. At that point, the receiver is directly over the break.

    Years ago I used an AM radio to find a break after aerating my lawn. It did eventually help find the break but took a long time and a lot of digging. This break finder worked great.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Last year, my neighbor aerated his yard and hit our fence on the border. He paid a company to come out to fix it; they charge $100 for the service call, $100 per hour, and $25 per repair. They found one break and charged $225 to fix it.

    This year, I aerated my yard. Thought I knew where the wire was, but boy was I wrong. Using this detector, I found all 4 breaks in the wire, and had everything up and running again in 1.5 hours. My yard is an acre in size.

    My only complaint about the unit is that the instructions that come with it don’t really tell you how to use it for finding and repairing a dog fence. Luckily, I was able to find a video on youtube that demonstrated how to do using a similar device. Had I not watched that video, it would have taken much longer.

  8. 5 out of 5

    I’d spent four hours trying to track down the break in the line across 1.5 acres of buried line. After several failed attempts, I was close to buying two new spools of line to rerun the whole track….until I found this product. In a last ditch effort (pun intended) and after reading all the reviews, I thought I would give this product a try.

    Worth every penny!

    Found the break in 20 minutes and saved myself tons of pulling up wire and burying new line.

  9. 5 out of 5


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