Used & Refurbished Equipment

Outdoor Dog Supply offers a wide variety of different used and refurbished equipment ranging from collars and handhelds to parts for your Garmin tracking collars. Our used equipment is taken in on trade ins and have a new strap and antenna put on, we then test them and make sure they are working properly. Our used equipment comes with a 30 day warranty. Refurbished units come directly from Garmin with a 90 day warranty. For any questions about our used or refurbished units, give us a call at the office at 757-482-1000.

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Used Equipment

Outdoor Dog Supply takes used equipment like Garmin tracking collars in on trade ins where we test them to make sure they work properly. We then clean then and put a new strap and antenna on the collars. All of our used equipment comes back with a 30 day warranty and our unlimited tech-support!