Trade in your old used Garmin and used Tri-Tronics devices for used or new Garmin products.

Outdoor Dog Supply is the leader when it comes to the Garmin Tri-Tronics Trade In Program.  We were one of the first Garmin Dealers to start accepting Garmin trade-ins toward purchase(s).  Outdoor Dog Supply currently accepts both working and some non-working units.

Outdoor Dog Supply accepts: working Garmin Astro 320s, 430s, and Garmin Alpha 100 Handhelds, Garmin DC30 collars, Garmin DC40 collars, Garmin DC50 collars, Garmin T5 collars, Garmin TT10 collars, Garmin TT15 collars, and the Tri-Tronics EXP and Sport Basic, Sport Jr Series. Outdoor Dog Supply does not accept “beep-beep” collars.

Outdoor Dog Supply does not accept: non-working Garmin DC30 or DC40 collars or Astro 220s or Tri-Tronics G2 handhelds.

How Does The Program Work?

You can contact us at 757-482-1000, tell us what you have that you would like to turn in for trade and what you are interested in purchasing.  We will provide you with a quote.  If you decide, like most of our trade in calls, to proceed with the trade in, you have 1 of 2 options to process the trade-in/order.
Option 1:  You can send your equipment to our office, include in with the box your name, address, and phone number.  Upon inspection of your trade-in equipment, we will contact you, finalize the quote based off condition and working status of the products. If any payment is due, we will receive payment at that time.  We will then process your new order and ship out your shipment.
Option 2:  For those that don’t want any downtime between sending in their trade in and receiving their new order, you can complete a purchase through our store.  Upon receipt of your new order, you then send your trade-ins (include your name, address, and phone number with your equipment).  Upon arrival and inspection, we will initiate a refund for trade-in credit to the card.

To make the process go faster:

  • Leave a note in the box with your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of what you want.
  • Please label any non-working equipment
  • Charge up the equipment and include the chargers
  • Give them a quick wipe down. Please do not send in skunked equipment, muddy collars, etc. We do not accept skunked equipment.

Trade-in’s should be sent to us at:

3865 Battlefield Blvd S
Chesapeake, VA 23322
Please feel free to contact us at 757-482-1000 with any questions.  Thank you!